Competition Results

Event Date Event Name Result Details
2nd February, 2019FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL - STROKESaturday was stroke for the February monthly medal, lots of really good cards were recorded. A grade winner was Jesper Hansen 79-9-70 from Chris Kanaris 81-10-71. B grade and medal winner was Col O’Sullivan 83-15-68 from Patrick Clohesy 86-16-70. C grade winner was Paul Moore 93-23-70 from Peter Kewniuk 88-16-72. The putting competition was won by Jason McClure with 25 putts on a countback from Colin O’Sullivan Nearest the pins were Mark Sciberras on the 4th & 11th, Noel Alldis on the 9th, William Dodd on the 17th and second shot to the 18th was Col Cooney. Super Pin winner was won by Noel Alldis - $45. Balls were won by Mark Sciberras 81-10-71 Ross Martin 81-11-70 David Moore 84-13-71 Jason McClure 83-10-73 Damien Summers 84-11-73 Mark Russell 89-16-73
6th February, 2019STABLEFORDWednesday was a stableford day, the winner was Barry Keane (19) with 40 points from Noel Alldis (12) on 38 points. The winner of the ladies competition was Robyn MacRae (22) on 36 points. Tony Dibella had an eagle on the 7th, holed out with his second shot. Nearest the pins were Col O’Sullivan and Robyn MacRae on the 4th and Ross Foreman on the 9th. Balls were handed out to Ross Foreman with 37 points, Patrick Clohesy on 36 points and Tony Dibella with 35 points.
9th February, 2019STABLEFORDSaturday was stableford competition, the winner was Jason Coley (16) 42 points from Barry Keane (19) 37 points on a countback. The ladies winner was Gini Dalton (18) with 32 points. Nearest the pins were Terry Kot on the 4th, David Moore on the 9th, Jason Coley on the 11th and Barry Murphy on the 17th. Balls went to Keith Rodda (13), Carl Stanforth (29) and Pat Clohesy (15) all on 37 points, Mark Russell (10) 35 points, Damien Summers (11), Terry Kot (12), Mark Russell (16) and Glenn Jacobs (14) all on 34 points. Super Pin winner was Barry Murphy - $25
5th February, 2019FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL - STABLEFORDWith the cooler weather and the attraction of the Summer Medal, we had 15 ladies playing on tuesday. Nearest the Pin on the 18th was Deb Kohlman, and on the 17th was Julie Harris. Marion Orr won the 9 hole competition with 19 points. Helen Claverdon-Jones (41) had the best score of the day and won the summer medal with 42 points. Runner up was Vicki Nettleton (26) with 39 points. Balls were given to Helen Claverdon-Jones, Vicki Nettleton, Jenny McSwain with 37 points, Jenny Kerr with 36 points.
13th February, 20194BBB STABLEFORDWednesday was a 4BBB Stableford for the field of 25, the winners were Ian Broome (19) and Karel Turang (15) with 44 points from runners up Tony Dibella (10) and Peter Cameron (16) with 42 points on a countback from Col Cooney and Bede Gibson (both 19) for their 42 points. The winners of the mixed were Neil Watts (24) and Denise Murphy (13) with 40 points. Nearest the pins were Tom May and Denise Murphy on the 4th and Noel Alldis and Robyn MacRae on the 9th. Congratulations to Tom May who had and eagle on the 14th.
12th February, 2019STABLEFORDTuesday was a stableford day for the 18 ladies who braved a cold rainy day, quite a contrast to what we have been used to. We extended a special welcome to Moira Greenwood and Irene Kozicz who played in their first competition and completed their first 18 holes. In A Grade Robyn MacRae (21) 35 points was the winner on a countback from Beth Murray (24) also with 35 points. B grade winner was Liz Turang (35) with 40 stableford points from runner up Banksie Buckley (31) on her first day back with 34 points. Nearest the Pins were Deidre Dawes on the 9th and Joan Gibbs 3rd shot on the 18th. Ruth Booker won the Nine Hole competition with 16 stableford points.
16th February, 20194 PERSON AMBROSESaturday the men played a 4 Person Ambrose. The winners were Terry Gamble, Jason Coley and Norm and Brad Cue 62- 5 ¾ - 56 ¼, from Noel Alldis, Paul Law, Colin O’Sullivan and Trevor Glanfield 66 – 8 7/8 – 57 1/8. Nearest the pins were Paul Law on the 4th, Damien Summers on the 9th and 17th, Pat Clohesy on the 11th, Mark Sciberras was the winner of the second shot to the pin on the 18th and also the Super Pin winner.