Competition Results

Event Date Event Name Result Details
2nd April, 2019MONTHLY MEDAL - STROKE.Tuesday was the monthly medal along with the 1st Joan Kimberley and 1st Putting. We had 15 ladies competing and a further 3 ladies playing in the Nine Hole competition. Robyn MacRae 90-21-69 was the A grade and monthly medal winner. Runner up was Marg Scoble 96-23-73. In B Grade the winner was Banksie Buckley 107-31-76 from Liz Turang 107-32-77. Balls were given to Robyn MacRae 67, Marg Scoble 73, Lois Johnston 74, Banksie Buckley 76, Beth Murray 76, Lorraine Ryan 77 and Liz Turang 77. The Nine Hole competition was won by Ruth Booker with a gross 56, nett 34. Nearest the pins were Marg Scoble on the 18th and on the 9th was Joan Gibbs.
3rd April, 2019STABLEFORDWednesday, stableford was the competition for the 28 players. Terry Kimpton (21) had the best score on the day with 45 points from runner up Graham Hackett (19) with 40 points. Nearest the pins were Peter Kewniuk on the 4th and Peter Robbins on the 9th. Balls went to Col O’Sullivan (24), Peter Kewniuk (16), Tony Burke (18) all with 37 points and Col Cooney (28) on 35 points.
6th April, 2019APRIL MONTHLY MEDAL - STROKESaturday was the April monthly medal for the men, the A grade and Medal winner was Jason McClure 76-9-67 from visitor Jason Dodd 78-7-71. B grade winner was Peter Walsh 82-13-69 from Peter Kewniuk 86-16-70 and C grade winner was David Scandrett 100-31-69 from Paul Law 91-21-70. Nearest the pins were Barry Murphy on the 4th, Jason Dodd on the 9th, Peter Kewniuk on the 11th, Jing Biscocho on the 17th and Jason McClure was the winner of the second shot on the 18th. The putting was won by Peter Cameron with 27 putts and the Super Pin winner of $35 was Jason Dodd. Balls went to Paul law, Peter Cameron, Keith Rodda and Ross Foreman all with 71 nett, Barry Murphy on 73 and Mark Russell and Col O’Sullivan both on 74.
10th April, 2019STABLEFORDWednesday was a stableford day for the men and turned out to be the Captains day, Tony Dibella (11) with 39 points came in with the best score from William Dodd (19) on 35 points. Nearest the pins were Pat Clohesy on the 4th and Leon Hedwards from Hepburn Springs on the 9th. Balls went to Tony Waters and Paul Robinson both with 34 points.
16th April, 2019DORIS CHAMBERS FOURSOMES.Today it was wonderful to have 23 ladies at golf with 20 participating in the Doris Chambers Foursome. This is an 18 Hole Stableford Foursomes event. The perpetual trophy was donated by Miss Doris Chambers OBE, former Ladies Golf Union President. Results for the day: 1st - Deidre Dawes and Marian Orr (31) 41pts 2nd - Banksie Buckley and Dot Greenway (32) 40pts Balls were given to these ladies, along with Lois Scott/Marg Scoble and Denise Murphy/Julie Harris with both pairs recording 36 points. Nearest the Pin on the 17th was the pair of Lois Scott/Marg Scoble and on the 4th was Deb Kohlman/Lorraine Ryan. This week pennant was held at Bendigo and Division 1 were against the home team. They did a commendable job with 3 loses and Grace Parkinson and Gini Dalton both squaring their matches. In Division 2 we were against Axedale 3 and all our players were defeated. The Axedale ladies played consistent golf, scoring well. It was a wonderful surprise to walk between tees today with the brilliant work Scott Murphy has done, levelling, widening and gravelling areas. No more potholes to navigate around and it will be brilliant in the winter. All the ladies are extremely grateful.
17th April, 2019STABLEFORDWednesday was a stableford day for the men, the winner was Andrew Guiney (24) with 39 points on a countback from Trevor Glenfield (23) also with 39 points. Nearest the pin on the 4th was Bernie Frith from Hepburn Springs and on the 9th was Tom (Tiger) Woods. Balls went to David Scandrett (29) with 36 points and Peter Cameron (15) with 35 points.
19th April, 2019ROYAL CHILDRENS HOSPITAL GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL 2 PERSON AMBROSEFriday was the annual RCH Appeal 2 Person Ambrose, and the Club is pleased to announce that we raised $2,000 for the Appeal. The winners from Lancefield were Pete Robbins and Trev Lambert 62-2-60 from Terry Kimpton and Adrian Hanks 70-8 ¾ - 61 ¼. Deb Kohlman and Tony Dibella 71-7 ½ - 63 ½ were the winners of the mixed section from Mick and Kath Keating from Woodend 75-10-65. Nearest the pins were Trev Lambert on the 4th, Terry Kimpton and Julie Harris on the 9th, Chris Hall on the 11th, Patrick Clohesy and Marian Orr on the 17th. The men’s longest drive was won by Trev Lambert and for the ladies was Gini Dalton.