Competition Results

Event Date Event Name Result Details
1st January, 2020STABLEFORDOn Wednesday New Years Day, the competition was stableford, William Dodd (20) was runaway winner with 45 points from runner up Norm Cue (11) with 42 points on a countback from Trevor Glanfield also with 42 points. NTP’s were Norm Cue on the 4th and visitor Mike Whitehead from Yerling Meadows on the 9th. Gini Dalton was the winner of the ladies competition (15) with 34 points. Balls went to Trevor Glanfield (24) 42 points and John Dawson (32) 39 points.
4th January, 2020JANUARY MONTHLY MEDAL - STROKESaturday was the January monthly medal, stroke was the competition. A grade winner was Mark Sciberras 79-7-72 from Barry Murphy 84-10-74, B grade and medal winner was Tony Dibella 77-11-66 from Peter Walsh 84-15-69, C grade winner was Ed Hoctor 89-22-67 from Trevor Glanfield 92-24-69. The winner of the ladies stroke competition was Denise Murphy 82-15-67 from Gini Dalton 95-18-77. NTP’s were Tony Dibella and Gini Dalton on the 4th & 17th, Ross Martin and Denise Murphy on the 9th, Mark Sciberras on the 11th, and second shot to the 18th was Tony Dibella and Joan Gibbs. Super Pin winners were Tony Dibella and Gini Dalton. Balls went to Jason Coley, Col O’Sullivan, Noel Alldis, William Dodd, Mark Russell and Graham Hackett.
8th January, 2020STABLEFORDWednesday the competition was stableford, David Scandrett (30) with 40 points was the winner from Patrick Clohesy (17) with 37 points. Winner of the ladies competition was Denise Murphy (14) with 34 points. NTP’s were Tony Dibella on the 4th and Norm Cue on the 9th. Balls went to Tony Dibella, Col O’Sullivan, William Dodd and Terry Kot.
11th January, 2020STABLEFORDSaturday was a stableford competition and the first of three rounds of the Seniors Trophy, A grade winner was Nathan Thompson (8) with 41 points from Terry Gamble (11) 38 points. B grade winner was Mark Russell (16) with 36 points from Ian Broome (21) 34 points. Denise Murphy (14) with 33 points was the winner of the ladies competition from Jenny Kerr on 30 points. NTP’s were Terry Kot on the 4th, Scott Murphy and Julie Harris on the 9th, Tony Dibella and Jenny Kerr on the 11th, Glenn Cook on the 17th and nearest the pin second shot on the 18th was Tony Dibella and Denise Murphy. Balls went to David Moore, Rob Waters, Terry Kot, Adrian Hanks, Ed Hoctor and David Scandrett.
14th January, 2020STABLEFORDTuesday we had 10 ladies playing stableford. The winner was Marg Scoble (24) with 39 points from Julie Harris (25) with 35 points. NTP Jenny Kerr on the 4th and Vicki Nettleton on the 9th. Vicki also won the 9 hole competition with 18 points from Joan Gibbs with 17 points. Balls went to Marg Scoble, Julie Harris, Deb Kohlman and Denise Murphy.
15th January, 2020STABLEFORDWednesday was a stableford day, Peter Kewniuk (17) had the best score of 39 points from Paul Moore (21) with 38 points. Robyn MacRae (25) was the ladies winner with 37 points. NTP’s were Norm Cue on the 4th and Terry Gamble and Robyn MacRae on the 9th. Balls went to Tom Woods and Les Healey from Hepburn.
18th January, 2020SECOND ROUND SENIORS TROPHY - STABLEFORDSaturday was the second round of the Seniors trophy, the A grade daily winner was Barry Murphy (10) with 36 points from Terry Gamble (11) 35 points and the B grade winner was Ian Broome (21) with 39 points from Ed Hoctor (22) with 38 points. Julie Harris (25) was the winner of the ladies competition with 31 points. NTP’s were Chris Kanaris on the 4th, Jesper Hansen and Julie Harris on the 9th, William Dodd on the 11th, Col Cooney on the 17th and second shot to the 18th and Super Pin winner was Terry Gamble. Balls went to Col O’Sullivan, Tom Woods, Barry Keane, Noel Alldis and Col Cooney.