Competition Results

Event Date Event Name Result Details
1st February, 2020STROKE - FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL Saturday was the February monthly medal, A grade winner was Pete Robbins 74-7-67 from Mark Scibberas 77-7-70. B grade winner was Adrian Hanks 82-12-70 on a countback from Namik Akkurt 82-12-70. C grade and medal winner was Tim Kirk 85-19-66 from Col Cooney 95-23-72. NTP’s were Paul Moore on the 4th, William Dodd on the 9th, Brad Cue on the 11th, Jason McClure on the 17th and second shot to the 18th was Mark Sciberras. The putting went to Barry Murphy with just 25 putts. Super Pin winner was Paul Moore. Balls went to Jason Coley, Wally Stys, Brad Cue, Ian Broome, Barry Murphy and Jesper Hansen.
4th February, 2020STABLEFORD & FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL Tuesday the ladies played stableford for the February monthly medal, there were 20 ladies playing 18 Holes and 2 playing in the 9 Hole Competition. A grade and the Monthly meal winner is Vicki Nettleton (26) with 44 Points from Sally Hojnik (28) with 37 points. NTP’s were Julie Harris second shot to the 18th and Vicki Hardwick on the 11th. B grade winner was Jan Laidlaw (35) 40 points from Marion Orr (38) with 39 points. The 9 hole winner was Vicki Hardwick (49) with 17 points on a countback from Judy Jolly (54) also with 17 points. Balls went to Vicki Nettleton, Sally Hojnik, Jan Laidlaw, Marion Orr, & Irene Kozicz Monday was our first Beginners Clinic, we had 20 ladies participate. Thanks to all those who gave their time & food on the morning. It will be the same time next Monday on the 10th , all welcome to offer encouragement & ball picking up skills.. 8.30 am to 11.00 am We will be having morning tea with these ladies on finishing the clinic
5th February, 2020STABLEFORD23 starters played stableford on Wednesday, Les Healety from Hepburn Springs (16) was the winner with 42 points from Adrian Hanks (12) with 40 points. NTP’s were Tony Dibella on the 4th and Graeme Winwood (visitor) on the 9th. Balls went to Tony Dibella, David Stark and Graham Hackett. The inaugural Wednesday 9 Hole competition for members was supported by 9 members, the winner on the day was Karel Turang with 17 points on a countback from Merv Warr also with 17 points. NTP was Frank Evans.
11th February, 2020STROKE - PAR 3Monday was our second Beginners Clinic, we had 18 ladies participate. Thanks to all those who gave their time & food on the morning. It will be the same time next Monday on the 17th, all welcome to offer encouragement, technique and other hidden golfing qualities 8.30 am to 11.00 am We will be having morning tea with these ladies on finishing the clinic. We are encouraging the beginners to play on course, so if you have spare time to go for a hit with them please avail yourself. Also please organize your 3 Person Irish Day partners, the list is up in the Ladies room. Tuesday we had 23 ladies play in the Par 3 Competition. Winner of A Grade was Michelle Werner with 69-19 50 on a count back from Marg Scoble with 68-18- 50. B Grade winner was Ruth Booker 82-33-49 from Moira Greenwood 94-40-54. Balls went to Michelle Werner, Marg Scoble, Ruth Booker, Moira Greenwood, Judy Quick and Bron Dwyer.
8th February, 2020STABLEFORDSaturday was a stableford day, A grade winner was Danny Bellchambers (2) from Woodend GC with 35 points on a countback from Adrian Hanks (11) also with 35 points. B grade winner was Paul Law (20) with 40 points from Paul Moore (23) on 39 points. The winner of the ladies competition was Sally Hojnik (28) with 37 points from runner up Denise Murphy (16) with 33 points. NTP’s were Wally Stys on the 4th, Paul Law and Sally Hojnik on the 9th, Barry Murphy on the 11th, Keith Rodda on the 17th, ad Jason McClure and Denise Murphy second shot to the 18th. Super pin winners were Paul Law and Sally Hojnik. Balls went to Col Cooney, Tim Kirk, Wally Stys, Ed Hoctor and Damian Summers.
12th February, 20204BBB STABLEFORD & 9 HOLE STABLEFORD COMPETITIONWednesday 28 men played a 4BBB Stableford, and 8 played the 9 hole stableford competition. Les Healey (Hepburn) 16 and Gordon Stevens 17 were the winners with 44 points on a countback from Peter Kewniuk (17) and William Dodd (18) also with 44 points. NTP’s were Ross Foreman on the 4th, Gordon Stevens on the 9th and Greg Summers on the 17th. Balls went to Noel Alldis & Col 0’Sullivan and Peter Cameron and Norm Cue all with 43 points. The 9 hole stableford was competed for by 8 players, Merv Warr (31) was the winner with 21 points from Ken Greenway (32) the runner up with 20 points.
15th February, 20204 PERSON AMBROSESaturday was a 4 Person Ambrose for the 34 playing. Winners were Pat Clohesy, Damian Summers, Matt Hodgkiss and Ross Foreman 61 – 6 7/8 – 54 1/8, from runners up Pete Robbins, Glenn Cook, Jesper Hansen and Scott Murphy 59 – 4 ¼ - 54 ¾. NTP’s were Col Cooney on the 4th, Glenn Cook and Robyn MacRae on the 9th, Paul Moore and Julie Harris on the 11th and Damian Summers on the 17th. Super Pin winner was Paul Moore (again).